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MMXX Hypa Hypa Edition

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Release on: 05/21/2021
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Product Type: 1CD

1. Hypa Hypa
2. Hate/Love
3. MC Thunder II (Dancing Like A Ninja)
4. Monsieur Moustache
5. Dramaqueen
6. Prism feat. Tobias Rauscher
7. Hypa Hypa – Performed by Saltatio Mortis
8. Hypa Hypa feat. The BossHoss
9. Hypa Hypa – Performed by 257ers
10. Hypa Hypa feat. Sasha
11. Hypa Hypa – Remix by Gestört aber GeiL
12. Hypa Hypa – Performed by We Butter the Bread with Butter
13. Hypa Hypa – Performed by Axel One